We Have Arrived !!!

After a long journey, the six of us have arrived !!!!

After roughly 30 hours of travel, we arrived in Johannesburg at approximately 5:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, July7.  Along with several hundred other people who had to pass through check-in!  And at one point, only three agents were available to process all of the travelers.  We got through that first check point, then had to go to the South African Police office (in the airport), to retrieve our rifles.

A representative of the Afton Guest House (where we were to stay on Sunday night) met us and assisted with this process and was a BIG help, as he is familiar with the process, and must be familiar with the police officers in the SAPS office as well.  Our paperwork was in order, and after opening the rifle cases for verification, and examination of our documentation, we were officially IN!!!!!

I think we can take them!

We loaded everything up in a very large van with a trailer, and went to the Afton Guest House and enjoyed a traditional braai, or barbecue of excellent steak and sides, and spent the night in a very comfortable room for some much needed shut-eye!

Monday morning, we were then back to the airport for passenger check-in and check-in of our rifles that required another visual inspection of all of our paperwork and another visual inspection of the rifles, and finally with boarding passes in hand, we were at our gate, waiting for our bird.  Boarding of our plane was blissfully a bit delayed, which allowed our rifles and luggage to be placed on board, as the schedule that morning was tight, and the airport was very busy.

After a short flight to East London, RSA, we arrived, along with our luggage and our rifles!

Two of our Professional Hunters (PH’s), Dwaine Starr and Louis Bodill of Starr and Bodill African Safaris were at the airport to greet us and take us to the hunting lodge, approximately a two hour ride from East London.

We were all ready to hunt, and during the drive to the lodge, I know I was not alone in wondering what exciting and new adventures lay ahead!!!!!




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