Pre-hunt: At The Rifle Range

Before hunting, a trip to the rifle range was necessary to check the zeroes on our rifles to make sure they were shooting straight after the long trip and maybe some bumps along the way.  After arriving at the lodge and cottages of Starr and Bodill African Safaris, all six of us loaded our rifles into the trucks so we could check our zeroes and sight in, if necessary.

Our three Professional Hunters, Dwaine, Louis and Mike accompanied us to the local rifle range and this was the welcoming committee!


Their welcome was rather short when they spotted us unloading rifles from the vehicle, and felt something was afoot, but stayed around for a short while and graciously allowed some photographs. WOW – our first glimpse of an African animal!  We were excited and grinning from ear to ear!

Our rifles were shooting just fine, and we were now ready!!!!!

Here is a photo of my sister, Cindy, shooting from the bench.  She rocked!


Then, leaving the range, down the road was a fantastic sight!  Wild giraffe were feeding near the road! Cindy and I scrambled out of the truck and snapped a few photos. Photo credits to Cindy for taking these unbelievable photos.


Let the hunt begin!


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