Addo Elephant National Park!

We drove to Addo Elephant National Park, near Port Elizabeth, on Monday, July 14, 2013. The Park is home to at least 39 species of mammals and birds, and with at least seven species found in the marine section.

The 630 square mile Park consists of a network of roads, connecting waterholes, natural terrain, viewing areas and lookouts where the animals of the Park can be viewed. One must remain in the vehicle during the driving tour. The Park is completely wild within, with both predators and prey. One can view many animals there during the course of a day, and we were hoping to see elephant, and lion.

Well, elephant were the most abundant of the animals seen, and we saw many groups of elephants of all ages. One group, at an especially active waterhole had several that appeared to be year old elephants, and one shy baby, who must have been less than a year old. The baby was so small!



We saw two juveniles engage in a playful shoving match, and more elephants at another waterhole.



We saw some magnificent kudu, warthog, a lot of Cape Buffalo, and other plains game, but clearly the elephants dominated the day! We were so close to these gentle giants! I will let these photos speak for themselves.



The OMG kudu, above!  Simply breathtaking!!!!!

Enjoy, friends.

Photos are courtesy of Cindy Grove.



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