A little about Andrea:

Hunting and fishing were introduced to me at an early age by my father. Growing up, we were taught to fish and were raised plinking at cans, hunting jack rabbits and sage hens near our home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those times were etched in my memory, and I began hunting on my own and training my own retrievers for upland bird hunting and waterfowling.

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After my first deer hunt, big game hunting became an obsession and it has been my good fortune to hunt a lot of different places across North America. I have hunted the watery bogs and woodlands of Newfoundland for caribou and moose, Alabama creek bottoms and pine forests for whitetail deer and the boreal forests of Labrador for caribou. Wyoming pronghorn and mule deer have had me crawling through nasty cactus, and I love the cold, snowy Vermont and Maine timber for hunting whitetail deer. Most memorable, are my remote pack-in trips hunting elk and bear in the wild and rugged Selway Wilderness of Idaho.



Extreme adventures feed my soul, and hunting and its challenges are very empowering for me.

I do not feel more alive, mortal and part of the fabric of the outdoors and the earth than when on a hunt.

I strive to be an enthusiastic supporter of wildlife, conservation and ethical, fair-chase hunting. Currently I am a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), Ducks Unlimited (DU), the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a local grassroots organization, the Gun Owner’s Action League (GOAL).

I am a certified volunteer Hunter Education instructor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have organized and taught retrieving classes for my own local dog club, as well as serving as an AKC hunt test judge for the AKC Hunt Test Program that promotes the training and skills for hunting retrievers of all breeds, keeping those abilities and instincts alive in breeder’s breeding programs. I am also a very proud member of the Prois Hunting and Field Apparel Event Staff and the Shoot Like A Girl Pro Staff.

I work in Boston, Massachusetts as a mechanical engineer for an architectural and engineering firm, and enjoy spending time training my two hunting golden retrievers, Chopper and Steamer for hunting and hunt testing.

Horses, dogs and hunting are three things that alone, or in any combination, give me extreme pleasure, and of course, I love traveling out West!

Recently I took part in several Montana summer cattle drives, moving roughly 1,000 head of Black Angus cattle from their lower winter pastures to their summer pastures in the high country, all on horseback. We sorted cattle in the pens, vaccinated, branded and doctored the herd after moving them from their winter pasture, and before moving them to their summer pastures. It was hard work, and an eye opening experience! I loved every minute!!!!

I belong to a local gun club, and spend time there at the rifle range, and most recently, the archery range, as I am now learning archery skills with a new bow.

July 2014 seemed like an eternity away when the planning of this trip began over two years ago, and now it is just around the corner! I will share this long awaited adventure with five other women who share my passion for the outdoors. This unique sojourn promises to be very, very special and a realization of a long held dream.


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